By donating your extra miniatures to the Explodohawk Memorial Foundation, you are giving back to the Monsterpocalypse community. All figures donated will be given to new players in Covenant Army Packs, helping them start off on the right foot and getting them more bang for their buck. Help find loving homes for your extra figures and give today.


If you are new to the world of Monsterpocalypse, the Explodohawk Memorial Foundation was built for you. Team Covenant uses donated figures from veteran players to include even more figures in Covenant Army Packs. This is a way of helping new players like you get off to the right start. Order an army pack today and be blessed by the vets of the Monsterpocalypse community.


What would a foundation be without some really cool swag for players to show their support? Exactly! We had bumper stickers and t-shirts available for sale, but now you can only get them through donations. All donations of 10 figures or more get a complimentary Explodohawk Memorial Foundation bumper sticker. All donations of 30 figures or more get a free T-shirt assuming we have the appropriate sizes.